How to Pick Your Playlist

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1)Know Your Crowd- The first cardinal rule of DJing is to know what you’re stepping into. Each place has a different vibe with different musical expectations. Read the crowd by looking and seeing who you are playing to and make music choices that reflect the listener.

2)Know Your Music- When it comes to DJing, it’s important to know how a song is laid out.  Have key tracks to transition from music genres allowing a variety. It’s best to plan three to five songs ahead!

3)Crowd Favorites- People love to shamelessly sing aloud with familiar songs. You know those songs, the ones that sounds good regardless the generation. (“American Pie, Getting Jiggy Wit It, Wild Thing, Push It, etc.) Make sure to have at least five songs like these for when the energy of the crowd is down.

4)Challenge the Crowd’s Ears- Share those favorite songs that you’ve discovered with the crowd.  Just know that there is a time and a place for everything. Try mixing in the songs in between tracks that people are already familiar with.

5)Have FUN! –People will read your energy and feed off of it so don’t be shy or afraid to have a good time behind the booth.


DJ blog1


Sherika Wallace
Marketing Manager
StarLine Disc Jockey

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